Anarchic Duo/Armchair Trash

It was the autumn of 1989. The Armchair, John Reeman and Anice Byfield were still together as The D.H.S.S. Rikk Quay had departed and was forming Rhythm Damage. To keep the home fires burning the Armchair and Reeman decided to experiment slightly by performing as a duo, Reeman on acoustic guitar and the Armchair 'singing' a variety of interesting songs.

They played two gigs, the first at Corvettes Wine Bar , it was packed with very, very sad people and the gig had the feeling of performing in uh! yes...a wine bar. Songs performed included, Respect, Media Control (an old Reliants title, but an altogether new song), Like a Pressed Flower and also - wait for it - an acoustic version of Anarchy in the U.K. "Yes, OK, I'm sorry, I admit it, I did it, I know I shouldn't have, but sometimes you just can't help it, you do these things, thinking - 'that'll be a lark', I apologise, OK, O fucking K!!"

The second gig was at The Arts Centre supporting Emma Gibbs Loves Badges (take a look at an excellent collection of Emma Gibbs memorabilia on this site by ex-guitarist Martin Sketchley). Quite a reasonable crowd appeared and a new song was aired, Abused in a Caravan at Barmouth.

This brief venture into the realms of the unplugged ended as quickly as it had begun but this was really the final public airing of the death throes of The D.H.S.S.

The Anarchic Duo and more significantly The D.H.S.S. were no more.

Quelle dommage!

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