Norman Conquest

A Day Trip to the Seaside with my Beachball and Swimming TrunksWhilst performing as a solo performance poet, the Armchair adopted a variety of guises, often dependent on how he felt that day. He had of course been Ed Ake, briefly he had been Edward Sutherland and Kevin Murdoch. He had also toyed with the idea of being known as Gordon Bennett. But, for a one-off performance, the Armchair became Norman Conquest.

Armchair and Vince Watts hadn't written or performed together for almost two and a half years, Vince had done well with his version of The D.H.S.S. but had been very quiet for a while. The Armchair was writing his best material lyrically and was getting the urge to put the words to music again. Shortly after writing Little Red Riding Hood he met Vince and suggested they try and work it into a song.

Vince had been playing guitar with his brother Martin on drums and Dave Cooksey on bass, in a band loosely called The Formaldehyde Daffodils, but had not progressed beyond Martin's bedroom. With the words to Little Red Riding Hood in hand a brief session resulted in a song of 'interesting' quality.

The Armchair had a gig lined up with Dave Hewett, a local 'hippy', the evening was labelled 'An Evening of Alternative Entertainment'. As an alternative to his usual persona, the Armchair became Norman Conquest, promoting the gig as a new local act. To complete the 'alternative', Armchair asked The Daffodils to back him. A complete set of poems were performed, with the band backing with incidental music, but the highlight was the one and only live performance of Little Red Riding Hood as a song and the Armchair and Watts back together again rekindling memories of The Reliants and D.H.S.S.

A one-off event, the Armchair quickly returned to the relative comfort of performance poetry.