Eddie Armchair : Bands

Eddie Armchair's first band Ed Ake and The Painkillers existed only in his bedroom, his last The Foundation should have stayed there. Trace his steps as he trod the boards of musical stardom.

Band Name Formed Band Name Formed
Ed Ake and the Painkillers
It's 1977, the Armchair is a mere 16 years old.
1977 The Ulterior Motives
Armchair on the Transfer List - poached!
The Reliants
Vince Disease and the Armchair meet.
1977 Norman Conquest
One gig with The Formaldehyde Daffodils.
The Reliants #2
The second Guildhall Massacre.
1979 The D.H.S.S. #3
Tamworth's finest.
The Ornaments
One gig, no songs, no instruments - hhmmm!
1979 Anarchic Duo/Armchair Thrash
Anarchy unplugged!
The D.H.S.S.
The Armchair with Rikk Quay.
1979 The D.H.S.S. #4
Critical words in the Tamworth Herald - never!
The D.H.S.S. #2
Take Lichfield by storm.
1980 The Foundation
Armchair goes Pop!