The Ulterior Motives

The Ulterior Motives : The Chequers, Hopwas

Edward ian Armchair was now a solo performance poet. Vince Watts was doing well with his version of The D.H.S.S. and Rikk Quay was enjoying life with Those Attractive Magnets. Solo performances were good fun, but the Armchair still missed the excitement of being on stage with a band.

The Tamworth music scene had always been at least one step ahead of the scene in Lichfield, but Edward had maintained links with Brian Cropper (once of Mod band, RPM) in the city of the three spires. Cropper was setting up a new band but was struggling for lyrics, he contacted the Armchair knowing he was a prolific wordsmith. Armchair leant him his volume of collected works and Cropper found a few poems/songs that he felt could work with his new band and he in fact took the band's name from one of the Armchair's poems - The Ulterior Motive(s).

Armchair agreed that his lyrics could be used but only if he sang them himself - he joined the band. Practices took place in Cropper's Mum and Dad's living room and was an embarrassing affair, with girlfriends looking on with admiring glances, the Armchair's performances were very reserved. However, a set of songs was put together, practising moved to a purpose built set of rehearsal rooms and a gig at Lichfield Arts Centre was organised.

The band were supporting Lichfield's top band, The Victorian Parents and the Armchair took to the stage to perform just three songs and was described in the local press as a 'dubious character!' Walking off the stage after a reasonable response it was a welcoming site to see Rikk Quay and Andy Baldwin from Those Attractive Magnets standing at the bar.

The Armchair returned to the role of solo artiste and the comfort of Tamworth. He was to cross the path of two Ulterior Motives members (Brian Cropper and Steve Thompson) in later years with The D.H.S.S.#3 and The D.H.S.S.#4.