I saw John Cleese the other day, driving a lorry.
Then I saw a bird fly out of my Mothers’ eye.
I saw six million fish driving cars and killing me.
Then I saw you smile at me.

I saw an aura around my body.
And saw reality hit me in the face.
I took a piece out of my Fathers’ head.
And I felt you touching me.

I saw myself in court on a theft offence.
And swam through a field of watery machines.
Then I ate my sisters’ liver.
And I tasted you kissing me.

I saw myself in a nice smart suit.
And took a tooth from my budgies’ mouth.
My Mother began to melt into oil.
And you began undressing me.

I took a brick from a doctors’ leg.
And smelt the breath of a dead mans’ head.
I chose a dog from an abattoir.
And saw you on top of me.

I felt a breeze pass through my eyes.
And went with a friend to a UFO.
I told my Mother I’d shot her Dad.
And knew we were locked together.

I saw Jesus come through my bedroom door.
And said ‘hello’ as the Devil killed him.
I felt reality hit me in the groin.
And we came together in ecstasy.