False Expressions to Impress

At home your situation is so tense,
Your Father doesn't like you, your Mother doesn't care,
There is never any love amongst you,
Because your parents always use their -
False expressions to impress.

At work your life is so unbearable,
You fear the employer, there's no respect,
The hatred in his eyes creates hatred in your fists,
Does it all seem so pointless when he uses -
False expressions to impress.

In public you must feel so inferior,
Because no one seems to notice you,
They don't consider or care, they're unaware,
They always consult or insult their friends with -
False expressions to impress.

With people there is no hope for you,
Because you don't know the line of chat,
You don't dress in all the fashionable gear,
So the only way you can act is by using -
False expressions to impress.