Eddie Armchair : Poems

Eddie Armchair has been writing poems since he was knee high to a footstool and this collection includes poems dating as far back as 1975. During his many live performances, certain poems were very popular, the order of works here reflects this with the most popular heading the list. The Best of the Rest >

Title Date Title Date
Little Red Riding Hood 1982 I'm a Fake 1983
Lucky, Lucky, Buggers 1987 Norman ****** 1983
Postcards from Teenage Years 1979 Men in Suits 1984
The Armchair Guide to Insanity 1980 World of Wealth 1983
From A.B.C. to R.I.P. 1984 Turning Point 1983
In Our House 1978 A Man of the Cloth 1984
Dreams 1978 Slaves to the State 1984
Adam and Eve 1978 Memory 1980
The Little Boy Down the Road 1980 Kevin 1990
Pennies from Heaven 1981 Barmy Bleeder 1990
Dolls 1980 The End 1980
Fat Gut, Bald Head, Smart Grey Suit 1980 Fales Expressions to Impress 1980
How Can You Sleep? 1983 Who's to Blame? 2009
Smile 1979    
A Day Trip to the Seaside with my Beach Ball and Swimming Trunks 1980