Kevin stretched and stretched to reach the windows ledge, his feet scraping up and down on the off-white pebble dash. He knew there was something in the living room, his parents had told him to stay outside for a while. He reached up, peering through the grimy net curtains, he could just make out a tiny black object running around the living room carpet. It was a black labrador puppy, a little ball of fur, all rubbery and excited. He jumped down and ran into the house shouting, his parents smiled, that knowing smile.

Alternative ending:
But...before his parents could stop him, Kevin had lurched forward, grabbing hold of the fragile little creature. He twisted and twisted with all his might, breaking the labradors neck. He threw the sad, pitiful, bundle of fur on the floor and ran off skipping and giggling and shouting...“I wanted a poodle you bastards”.