Rewind Beginning
Creative Puzzle
Spans of Time
Daytime Muddle
Present Era
Personal Life
Diary Notes
Death and Life

Mummy Daddy
Meet and Mate
Produce a Baby
Mentally Late
Incorrect Genes
Child Crazed
Mummy Daddy
Emotions Dazed

Infant Blind
Senses Sane
Correct Actions
Correct Brain
Useless Object
Comic Fool
Hidden Away
Parental Rule

Childhood Freedom
Schoolday Joy
Sexually Blind
Girl or Boy?
Kissing Sweetheart
Enjoying School
Daddy Hero
Child Fool

Adolescence Change
Brain Appears
Time for Senses
Correcting Arrears
Actions Unlimited
Emotions Hurt
Dominant Factors
Article Dirt

Death Arrives
Happy Time
Relations Pity
Feeling Fine
Journey Starts
Follow Light
Open Eyes
Spirit Sight

Rewind Life
Living Death
Pain Recalled
Losing Breath
Final Life
Heaven Hell?
Helping Hand
Removed Shell

This is Life
This is Death
Losing Time
Losing Breath