Shadows in the Sheets

Beauty's in the air all around
The sounds produce images on the ground
Music's in your eyes, in your eyes
You see the texture of every note.

Armchair comfort of a living room life
Watching nothing yet seeing all
Find the fate of the human race
Watch it and laugh, it'll make you smile.

Amazed at the brilliance of the blinding light,
A crashing sound in a silent film
A pleasing sight in blinded eyes
Shadows in the sheets, yes, shadows in the sheets.

Beauty in the flowers that decay on the sill,
Images of wonder on the pictured wall
It vibrates and shudders, it's dazed and blank
Sights and sounds of a speeded up life.

Thoughts are closeted and packaged to please
Pleasing to the senses, garland fences close in
Sit and listen and laugh at your God
Appears by your side and says you're a fool.

Go to your bed and think to yourself,
What is this feeling, this painful lust
Paranoia of a bedroom, shadows in the sheets,
Shadows in the sheets, yes, shadows in the sheets.