The D.H.S.S.#3 - 1987-1989 : Songs

Reunited with Quay, joined by the Reeman music machine.

Title Lyrics Date
The DHSS Armchair Dec 1987
The DHSS (French version) Armchair Dec 1987
Rewind Armchair Aug 1979
Sweet 16 Armchair Jan 1988
Clark Gable Armchair Jan 1980
Body on a Slab Armchair Jan 1988
A Vicar's Hand in my Underpants Armchair Feb 1988
If I had My Way Armchair Jan 1989
The Money God Armchair Jan 1988
Pennies from Heaven Armchair Jan 1988
'til the Love Bites Fade Armchair Sept 1989
Lucky, Lucky, Buggers Armchair Jan 1988
Adam & Eve Armchair Apr 1982
Dolls Armchair May 1982
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, La, La, La! Armchair Feb 1988
The End Armchair Dec 1988
Come on You Reds! (Tamworth F.C.) Reeman Dec 1988
Sinister Minister Armchair June 1989

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