Clark Gable

The last thing that you saw
Was a bitter sweet teardrop,
Falling down the soft cheek
Of your secret love.

Held your lover near you,
Talked together sweetly,
Sitting in the pictures
Longing for a new day.

The last thing that you saw was a bitter Clark Gable,
Dragging on a cigarette, lapping up the girlies.
The last thing that you saw, was a pouting Vivienne Leigh,
Spinning on her heels, looking oh! so wonderful.

The last thing you saw,
Was the dripping blood of happiness,
Falling from the slashed wrists,
Of the silver screen.

Drowning in your tears so,
Feeling very sad again.
Soon you'll do it to yourself,
And bleed.


The last thing that you held,
Was a ticket to reality.
The usherette ripped it,
And tore your dreams apart again.


What did you see?