Eddie Armchair : Songs

The songs of the Armchair began in 1977 and continued through to 1990. Grouped under the names of the bands he performed with, here you can read the lyrics and listen to some of the songs. The quality ranges from the work of a genius to total bollocks, but will no doubt delight you all.

The Reliants - 1977-1978
The historic union of the Armchair and Vince Disease.

The Reliants #2 - 1979
Remembered for the second Guildhall Massacre.

The D.H.S.S. - 1979
Rikk Quay and his synthesiser join the Armchair.

The D.H.S.S. #2 - 1980
Armchair and Watts again - a delight.

The D.H.S.S. #3 - 1987-1989
Reunited with Quay, joined by the Reeman music machine.

The Anarchic Duo - 1989
Wine bar + Acoustic Guitar = Anarchy? hhhmmm!!

The D.H.S.S. #4 - 1990
Armchair slated, shock!

The Foundation - 1990-1991
Retirement beckons.