The Armchair on the Silver Screen

Tamworth Arts Centre - December 18th 1988

King Woderick and the Yogots
Soil Brothers
Stench (Banned)
Tamworth Arts Centre

Musicbox – Sputnik joy for DHSS

Tamworth Herald - 16/12/88
Dynamic DHSS will tonight (Friday) play a dream concert as support act for the almighty Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

The four piece anarcho-pensioners will be in action tonight at Stourbridge Town Hall in support of the world famous Sputnik crew.

They earned the prestigious show when a ‘friend’ of the band sent a tape to the Sputnik suggesting that DHSS would make an ideal support band for them. Lo and behold, Sigue Sigue Sputnik responded and asked DHSS to join them tonight (Friday) on their only Midland show of their current tour. The ‘dream’ date will be particularly exciting for DHSS members Rikk Quay and John Reeman who along with a certain MUSICBOX Editor were due to go to the concert as spectators anyway. Now they will all be able to do so without worrying about tickets! DHSS are hoping loads of Tamworth fans will make their way to Stourbridge tonight but if you can’t make it then don’t worry. For the band are in action at the Tamworth Arts Centre on Sunday night along with three other big fun bands. The DHSS will be supported by rockabilliy sex bombs Stench, the exceedingly odd King Woderick and the reformed yackettay-yak crew The Soil Brothers.

Together the line up represents what Catch 23’s boys regard as one of my most oft-repeated descriptions – ‘one of the shows of the year’.

For once however surely even those Atherstone cynics will agree with this description. Headliners DHSS are doing marvellously well in the poll because of their highly-loveable and very distinctive electronic punk ROK and every one of their shows to date has been somewhat of an ‘event’. Sunday will be their first ever Arts Centre headliner and so they are warning everyone to get ready for something special.

Mr. Rikk ‘I’m Not Nearly As old A Everyone Thinks I Am’ Quay takes up the story. What will DHSS be like then granddad?

“The business,” he didn’t say.

DHSS top Sunday’s night’s tree but beneath it are three equally interesting branches. King Woderick have emerged at the tail end of this year as one of the area’s oddest creations. The sound can best be summed up as yugamuliwoogick music and the only band that can possibly be described as soundalikes are The Very Odd Band Who Don’t Exist At All. Get the picture? They are odd kinda fish.

Far from odd however are Stench – Tamworth’s very own Bros. The group, three healthy young males, with short haircuts (just like Bros) play hard rockabilly muzak full of vile lyrics and yukky images (just like Bros). They have a committed following (just like Bros), a distinctive apparel (just like Bros) and good songs (totally and utterly unlike Bros). They represent Big Fun.

The final act of a wicked foursome are also subscribers to the doctrine of Big Fun-isms. The Soil Brothers are a yeh-hah band unlike anyone else in the known (and possibly unknown) world full of strange instruments and unforgettable looney tunes. This is the second time they have been part of the scene and according to singer Steve ‘Elvis is Alive’ MacNamee things are as good as ever…

“We are now a six piece combo, complete with double basses and the like. Our songs are now full of wonderful sexist things like girls, trains and Newcastle Brown ale and as far as I am concerned we are gonna blow those old fogeys from DHSS off the stage. Real music is going to shine over computerised claptrap!”

I don’t need to beseech you to get along on Sunday cos everyone reading this is cool enough already to realise that you just cannot miss this show. It will be the ideal pre-Christmas present for anyone who wants to be humming and smiling after leaving a concert.

And, if you can get your butt along to Stourbridge tonight then you will be able to sample one of the biggest and best nights our local scene will ever have had.

STOP PRESS: Stench have been banned from playing on Sunday.